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TROOP - Visits

Visit a Troop Meeting

If you are interested in visiting a regular troop meeting, we encourage you to complete this form. When you we will send you information about the specific age group that you will be visiting (including directions, time, location, etc.) as well as alerting the leader for that group to your planned visit.

Our meetings are held on various Monday nights throughout the month and year.

If you have any questions please contact us at


We encourage you to complete this form by 5pm on the SUNDAY (the day before) before the time you plan to visit.

If you complete this form on the same day of a troop meeting you will not be 'pre-registered' for that same night, you will need to complete a manual information form at the sign-in table and you won't receive important email directions and preparations.

Date of your visit

It helps us make your visit better by knowing when you plan to visit. We can make sure that there is someone available to greet you and help you find your way around. We can also let you know if there anything special going on that night.

Please select from the list of troop meetings that are presently availble. Please be sure to select events that are for your son/s age based on the letters at the beginning of the title.

  • "WNA" - Woodlands/Navigators/Adventures - ALL ages
  • "W" - Woodlands Only (Grades K-5)
  • "NA" Navigators & Adventurers only (Grades 6-12).

Visit multiple nights

It can be hard to know if our troop is a good match for your son and your family with just one visit. We encourage you to visit 3 different nights. Please select up to 3 nights that you plan to visit. Selecting three nights does not commit you to those but will ensure that we are able to include your son/s in the program those nights.


Youth Information

Please list each son that will be visiting.

Be sure to indicate their age group (so we get them into the proper patrol) as well as letting us know if they have participated in Trail Life or BSA programs before. This helps us provide you with important information that might help with your transition to our troop.

To add lines for additional boys just click the "+" button to the right of the line.

When you are done entering all the boys (and have completed the area bove) click the "Save your visit information" button below to confirm your visit.


First Name Last Name Age Group Has this boy participated in TRAIL LIFE before? Has this boy participated in BSA (Cub Scouts of Boy Scouts) before?