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Before you join our troop we STRONGLY encourage you to become familiar with Trail Life USA.

This is NOT just another 'scouting' program, or identical to BSA. The goals and focus are quite different (even if we use the same activities as other groups).

Below are a few resources to help you quickly get up-to-speed on TrailLife USA, as well as provide some more in-depth research into the organization and program.

Basic Introduction

First, before you get too deep into the details, be aware that TL (TrailLife) is very specifically a Christian program. Before you look at any other aspects of TL or our troop, be sure that you have read the TL Statement of faith carefully (esp. the Statement of Values section). If you don't agree with any of those statements, please be aware that we follow them in all our troop activities, and we expect all participants to agree with each section of that document.

Next, you should review the Core Values of TrailLife:

You should also be familiar with the overall program of TrailLife:

 Some Important Videos to watch

Here are some key videos that we think everyone in the troop should view to better understand TrailLife. In just about 30 min. you can get a full overview of the goals and focus as well as the full history of Trail Life USA.

Introduction to Trail Life USA (1 min.)

 Trail Life USA Core Values (22 min.)

 The History of Trail Life USA (14 min.)


Find out More about Trail Life USA

If you would like to find out more about Trail Life USA you should visit their web site at: