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Frequently Asked Questions about

Trail Life at BBC North  Campus

What group should my son be in?

  • Grade K - 5  - Woodlands Trail (similar to cub scouts)

  • Grades 6 - 8 - Navigators (meets with Adventurers - similar to boy scouts)

  • Grades 9 - 12 - Adventurers (meets with Navigators - similar to boy scouts)

When do they meet?

All groups meet on Monday evenings (6:45 - 8:15 pm) from September Through May. Woodlands Trail meets the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Monday night with special activities each month. Navigators and Adventurers meet each Monday each month. They also have a special activity (camp-out, adventure, etc.) every 4-8 weeks.

Where do they meet?

Both groups meet at the North Campus for regular meetings. Other activities happen at different locations as necessary (camping, field trips, service projects, etc.)

Who are the leaders of the troop?

Troop Leaders

  • BBC Pastor - Pastor Gil McConnell

  • Charter Organization Rep / Chaplain - Pastor Gil McConnell

  • Troopmaster - Chris Paschen

  • Committee Chair

  • Treasurer - Kerri Baker

Woodlands Trail

  • Ranger (primary leader) - Steve Shold, (usually a parent, must be a member of BBC); Eric Paulu assistant

  • Trail Guides - adult age-group ‘patrol’ leaders who are usually parents of one of the scouts in the patrol

Navigators / Adventurers

  • Advisor (Adventurer primary leader)  - Chris Paschen (usually a parent, must be a member of BBC)

  • Trailmaster (Navigators primary leader) - Pete Christianson (usually a parent, must be a member of BBC)

  • Trail Guides - usually parents of boys in the troop, help mentor boys in specific areas of troop activity and skill building and work with specific patrols

  • Officers - Older boys (from Adventurers) who provide leadership to both the Navigators and Adventurers

  • Patrol Leaders - boys lead their own patrols (a group of scouts of similar age) with supervision and mentoring by Trail Guides


The Trail Life program is a part of the Family Discipleship Department of Bethlehem Baptist Church, North Campus, and the overall program and key leaders are under the leadership of Pastor Gil McConnell.

All adult leaders (anyone directly involved in working with the boys) must complete Trail Life USA Youth Protection Training and take part in an interview process similar to others working with youth/students in other Family Discipleship ministries. The ‘Troop Leaders’ (above) are all members of Bethlehem Baptist Church.

How often do they go camping?

  • Woodlands Trail - usually one or two camping events each year
    Mountain Lion patrol (gr 4-5) - one or two additional camping activities with the Navigators / Adventurers

  • Navigators / Adventurers - approx. 6-10 camping opportunities each year, including a longer ‘adventure’ each summer

NOTE: Boys are not required to participate in all camping activities; however, camping participation is required for certain advancement and awards.

What parental involvement is required?

  • Woodlands Trail -  parents of sons in Kindergarten are required to attend with their sons; parents of older boys are encouraged to participate as a Trail Guide or help with other activities; a parent must be present at each troop meeting; parents (guardians) are required to accompany all boys on any overnight camp-outs

  • Navigators / Adventurers - parents (esp. fathers) are encouraged to participate in the troop by becoming leaders in specific areas (Trail Guides, merit badge counselor, committee member, etc.) and to get involved in the ongoing activities of the troop.

How much does it cost?

  • Annual registration fees -
    Approx. $150 (this pays for the basic registration and participation fee for regular meetings)

  • Troop Uniform -

    • TLUSA Uniform Shirt - $45

    • Trail - T-shirt - $15 (optional, recommended for camp-outs and activities)
    • (NOTE: The Basic/Full shirt can usually be worn for several years.
      There is a different Trail T-shirt for each group: Woodlands Trail, Navigators, Adventurers, the same Uniform Shirt is used for all ages.)

  • Additional / Special Activities - (camping, adventure activities, etc.) The cost for these activities varies depending on the type and duration.

NOTE: Our desire is to make it possible for any boy to participate without regard to cost. If cost is an issue, please talk to us about ways to help offset the costs. We also have fundraising opportunities throughout the year that have the potential to completely offset the costs of the program for your son.


The ‘annual registration fee’ listed above only covers the cost to register your son to be in the program and to participate in our basic meetings and earn advancement awards. Each area (Woodlands Trail, Navigators, Adventurers) will have various different additional costs associated with participation in the program. We provide fundraising opportunities that will allow your son to participate in ALL activities (including camping and special trips) without additional cost if he fully participates in the fundraising options. For those families that don’t wish to participate in fundraising we will provide you with a list of fees for the various aspects of the program; however, we encourage all trailmen to participate in the fundraisers because this process is a valuable life skill that they will use throughout their life.

What if I’m not sure about TrailLife for my son?

First, talk with one of the trailmen (youth) or leaders to get answers to any other questions you may have, or to find out what Trail Life is like at BBC. Then visit our web site and sign-up to get our email updates or to visit one of our meetings.

Where can I find more info?

Use the 'Contact Us' link above to ask any other questions that you have.

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