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If you need to reset your password for any reason there 2 different ways to do that - depending on the reason that you need to reset it (or more precisely, if you know your password or forgot it).

I forgot my password

  1. From the main home page click the FORGOT LOGIN link below the blue Log in button
  2. Check the LOST PASSWORD box
  3. Enter your USERNAME and EMAIL ADDRESS
  4. Click the SEND PASSWORD
  5. Watch your email for further instructions on resetting your password

I know my password but need to change it

  1. Log-in to the web site 
  2. In the main menu select USER MENU then click on MY PROFILE
  3. Click the blue EDIT button (above the big picture)
  5. If you aren't automatically taken there, select the DETAILS tab
  6. Scroll down until you see the PASSWORD INSTRUCTIONS and the PASSWORD and VERIFY PASSWORD fields
  7. Enter the NEW password you want to set in the PASSWORD and VERIFY PASSWORD fields
  8. Enter your EXISTING/OLD password (the one you just used to log-in with) into the CURRENT PASSWORD field
  9. Click the SAVE YOUR PROFILE button

Your password is now reset and you can log-in with the new password.

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