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Troop MN-9871

Here is the step-by-step process for how to register your son/s for troop MN-9871.

  1. Log-in to
    • If you don't have a log-in to the site, please click CREATE NEW USER ACCOUNT and complete the form following the instructions provided there and the code you received at the parent meetng.
    • Once you log-in the remainder of the registration steps will be shown here.

else {
$participating = true;

return ($participating);"}

2. Update your Personal Profile

  1. From the main menu select USER MENU | MY PROFILE | EDIT MY PERSONAL PROFILE
    (or click the 'Click Here to update your PERSONAL Profile now' link in the green bar at the top of the page)
  2. Review and update all the data on each tab (or complete each tab if you are new to the troop)
      • Password, Verify Password, Current Password - leave these blank if you want to keep using the same password
      • Profile Complete and Updated - AFTER you have completed/reviewed all other tabs come back to this tab and check this box before you Save Your Profile
      • Personal Text Message Number - Add your text number if you want to receive Text messages from the troop (NOTE: Your carrier may charge you for texts from the troop)
      • Please complete or update the information on this page
      1. Complete/Update this by checking the current grade level for your son/s
      1. Please update this with your current church information
  3. Go back to the DETAILS tab and check the PROFILE COMPLETE AND UPDATED box when everything is complete/updated
  4. Click the SAVE YOUR PROFILE button
    • NOTE: There are a number of REQUIRED fields, if you try to save without completing those the system will remind you and require you to complete them before you can move on.

      That's all there is.

      Thanks for being a part of Troop MN-9871!


      Other 'related' topics

      The other 2 questions that are often asked when registering are:

      How do we get the Trailman Handbook?

      Once your registration is complete (including national registration) your trailman will be presented his book at the next troop meeting. (There is no additional cost for the first copy of the book. Replacement books cost approx. $15)

      How do we get the uniform?

      You can purchase your uniform at any time directly at:

      However, we also place a 'troop order' twice each year (in early October and Late February). We do this to save you shipping costs (and to ensure as many have the uniform for our 2 Court of Honor award presentations (which happen in November and April).

      We will provide information via our weekly email with details on how to order your shirts (and which ones to order).